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Diamond Grading For Jewelry

Those who are unfamiliar with this part of the business may use descriptions of the grades. The list begins with the higher grades and proceeds down the line to the lesser of value. 1.

Rivers. 2. Jagers.

3. Blue Wesseltons. 4. Wesseltons. 5 Top Crystals. 6.

Crystals. 7.Very light brown. 8.Top Silver Capes. 9.

Silver Capes. 10. Capes. 11. Yellow. 12.

Brown. The finest of white diamonds are classified as Rivers. They are either snowy white or bluish white in body color when they are faced up. These stones are brilliant when they are well made. Some of the old Indian and Brazilian diamonds, when recut are considered Rivers. Some of the African stones mainly those from the river diggings are considered Rivers.

In order to test the color of a stone to see if it is really in the River class, you must put it next to a cut piece of purest rock crystal; the diamond must not differ at all. Crystals and even at times Wesseltons will not even compare. The less light a stone absorbs the more brilliant it will appear. Next after the Rivers, come, Jagers. The Jager stones are bluish white.

They appear more steely and less snowy in their color. The value of the stones are similar. Sometimes stones with a faint tint of yellow are called jagers. The third and fourth diamond names are Blue Wesseltons and Wesseltons. They often appear bluish with no yellow tint. They are extremely desirable stones that yield very high prices.

They are considered the finest of blue white diamonds. Few of these diamonds are stocked except for some fine jewelry stores due to the extreme costs. After the Wesseltons comes two grades of Crystals. These are fine white or blue white stones.

Crystals have a yellow tint that can be spotted by a good eye. Crystals represent the best stones that the general public can afford. The next grade of stone is the Very Light Brown Stones.

These Stones are very undesirable if the brown can be detected by the naked eye. Brown tinted stones appear dark under artificial lights. The lighter of the brown stones can almost be considered crystals. The Very Light Brown Stones with the lighter brown tint are very pretty and desirable stones. The stones with the lighter brown tint are often times more desirable and easily sold than the stones with a yellow tint. After the Very Light Brown stones come the Silver Capes.

This category is divided into the Top Silver Capes and the Silver Capes. These stones have a lot of yellow in them, a professional would easily detect this, but the general public would see these stones as white. The Top Silver Capes and the Silver Capes are what is usually sold in this country.

They are affordable and very beautiful to the average person. After the Silver Capes come the Capes. They are often known as commercial stones. They are off color even to the naked eye.

Under artificial light they appear to be whiter stones. These diamonds are usually worn in the evening to appear more brilliant. The Capes is the type of diamond that most people buy. They are not as expensive.

Stones poorer in color than the Capes do not sell well in this country, and are often not sold here at all. After the Capes come Yellow stones. The Yellow stones are not yellow enough to be pretty. They are undesirable to the eye. The yellow tint that they possess is a murky dirty look.

They do not possess a clean or clear yellow tint. The final white stone is called the Brown Stone. The Brown stone lacks luster and beauty.

The Brown stone appears dull and murky in artificial and in real light. Brown stones are undesired by American shoppers as well as any nationality. Now that the descriptions of the grades of white diamonds is completed, it should be obvious to the jeweler mix various grades in his stock or display. Shoppers who are not aware of the different grades or understand them may become dissatisfied with prices or stones that they see. To some customers make and perfection are the same in all cases with diamonds.

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