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How Roxy Music Set The Style For The Hippie Movement

1970�s was period of evolution and revolution. In every corner of the world they were public outcry for social and political reformation. It was also a period of Cultural Revolution. At that time most of the youth in that 20�s wherein a mood to spend money without any aim and most of them kept a passion for music and dancing. As a youth you are preparing to have a relaxing time keeping behind the week of work behind you and also the stresses of life you pretend to be a prince of the European country clad in the finest suits available and following and equivalent dress code. As if you are going to give a public speech.

After an hour of hair styling and fine make up, you would leave in your favorite car to pick up your lovely girl friend. By the end of 1960�s all frames of free spirited and care free love were nearly dead. Huge changes were noticed in dressing and appearance.

Apart from change of dressing styles from tailored and formfitting to billowy, hairstyles attained new feathered look or lasting curls. Music was no exception for this transformation. Music of sixties was vastly diverse similar to people�s lifestyles. Rock and roll was the dominating one with many new kinds emerging day by day across the world.

Hippies, derived from the term �hipster� indicating those people involved in 1940�s counter culture practice, were regarded as the deviated children of the sixties. They were as passionate for the music as for the euphoria of altering mental states. They were popular with their politically driven music. Seventies brought a dramatic change in music leading to experimental techniques. The invention of synthesizer and its electronically produced music has taken music to new heights. In England many music bands came in to exist buy playing a few pups in their city of origin.

Even though most of these bands got some fans following in some remote countries like Libya, only very few bands made it to the top. Roxy music was one of the music bands that evolved in the 1970�s and made its way to the top. This band took ideas from a wide range of sources right from a student of art to a person who did not even a basic training in music. This band effectively made use of a synthesizer to popularize their music.

This music band consisting of persons with different taste however had a good fan following. Like the group, the fans were also of different tastes and culture. Roxy music came in to existence in 1972.

Their sound was known as avant � garde. Roxy music soon conquered Brittan and the whole of Europe. They had a strong fan following in South America also. This music band became a hit in the United States when they performed a John Lennon song.

Their way of music was influential to the younger set, inspiring a counter culture of their own, known as the British punk movement of the late 1970�s and early 1980�s. One cannot put the entire blame on Roxy Music but they did sow some seeds. If you cannot remember any of their songs, remember that punk spawned modern alternative rock and the top 40 you hear every day. So, think about Roxy Music next time you listen to your favorite radio station.

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