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Importance of Development Programs for LowIncome Children

Development programs are the powerful determinant for the low-income children. Many public programs provide the services towards the welfare of poor children. These programs improve the social skills and problem solving abilities. These programs create awareness for the low-income families in all their lively aspects. Effective policies and programs can improve the lives of the low-income children.

Development Programs for Low-Income Children Various development programs were been carrying in all the countries, to achieve the welfare of low-income families. Poverty is the main threat to children's well-being. Children whose families do not have enough food to eat are likely to have poor health and experiences frequent stomachaches and headaches. Low education of the parents can lead to low income and are losing the economic ground. There is a clear evidence that higher educational attainment is associated with higher earnings. Over half of the low-income children live with a parent who works regularly.

These families are living on the economic edge despite regular employment and struggling to make the ends. By undertaking effective public policies of low-income, parents can make their work pay better and provides proper care and learning experiences for their children. The low-income children's development programs are initiated through four sessions: (1) Risk factors encountered by low-income children, (2) Parental work and the quality of child care, (3) Children in immigrant families and (4) Children living in especially vulnerable families. Importance of such Programs The dynamic steps in protecting these children includes support and preservation of families, investigation of abuse and neglect reports, the removal of children from their parents' homes if necessary, and foster care and adoption. Various development programs are committed to expand the economic security of low-income working families by connecting them to work supports like child care, health care, the earned income tax credit, and education and training to find good jobs and build careers. The current publicity claims that, programs for poor children's development do not work well.

There are specific programs that produce important benefits for children, which are not equally effective and benefits are not equally distributed across the groups of ethic and races. Efficient development programs are to be undertaken to achieve the welfare of the poor children, who needs and deserves the support. Welfare of the poor children with good employment places the nation in a favorable position to improve the long-term prospects and changes in the culture of welfare for low-income families.

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