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The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is a handheld gaming console .It is made by Sony. Its initial release was done in 2004 in Japan, and later in 2005 in Europe and North America. Although the PSP is mainly a game console it can also play UMD (Universal Media Disk) format movies. PSP can play music and video files, and display picture files such as photos with the help of a memory stick. PSP music downloads are possible, by connecting this portable console to the internet.

Music can be downloaded to the PSP which are in compatible format. PSP music downloads can be done in several ways. It all depends on the type of music formats that has to be downloaded. A number of free music download sites are now available in the internet.

Making the service of various websites free to the music lovers is nothing but a business strategy. This free technique is adopted by these sites to understand the popularity of a particular type of music among the public in general and among various age groups in particular. This data feed back is what the free sites offering music downloads are expecting from their visitors. Some other sites will ask you to pay a fixed sum to get their membership or they will fix a particular amount to be paid for each song that you download from their sites. Different music download sites make different offers for their customers and it is up to you to decide which type of service or which type of payment mode do you want to adopt to download your favorite music from the internet. If you are thinking of availing the service of free music download sites always make sure that the music is not from a pirated source but is coming from the main source of music before you start down loading music from them.

This is to avoid future complications. Another method for downloading is PSP music downloads. Matter of fact is this method is far more complicated while comparing that with the download from CD.

Since the music files of iTunes, are normally in MP3 Format. For converting MP4 into the MP3 format there is need for PSP video converter. First, identify those MP4 files meant for conversion with the PSP video converter. Then select PSP audio format and perform the conversion. Then with PSP, we can play those files.

For the PSP music downloads, lots of websites offer free download. Be careful while downloading from these sites because most of these sites are illegal and you may get tied up by the law suits. There are some websites which offer PSP music download for a limited charge. If one goes for such websites, you may get technical assistance for download and the downloaded mp3 files will be free of malicious programs.

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