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Movie Review - Vantage Point
Submitted by awbassett

My wife and I started last nights date with a wonderful dinner at our favorite restaurant, we took in a movie, and finished the evening with a little shopping. A movie can make or break a great evening and in this particular case it was a nice addition to the evening.

Vantage Point starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, and Forest Whitaker was a refreshing new take on the often overused subject of a presidential assassination. The movie started out like most with an assassination of the U.S. President, and a couple of explosions by foreign terrorists. The view of the incident began through they eyes of a news crew lead by Sigourney Weaver. However, after the assassination scene rewound about five times, each time replaying the scene through the eyes of a different character, we and everyone else in the theater were threatening to leave. I must say though that once the movie continued through the eyes of main character Thomas Barnes - Dennis Quaid, and after the final rewind, we were left with a pleasing mix of several views that all blended and came together nicely to produce a clear picture of what had happened and how it happened. The only thing in question was why it happened which I guess we can live without.

Final assessment....If you go to see this movie remember to be patient, don't get frustrated or discouraged after what seems like a billion reviews of the same scene. It offers a lot of good action, chase scenes, and just a little suspense. Just remember that it all finally comes together nicely and you'll be glad you stayed for the end product.

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